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Font Silver S.A de C.V, is located in Taxco, Gro. Mexico. Is a Mexican E-bussiness company whose main purpose is to provide our customers fine with jewelry silver pieces through e-commerce.

Arrobasilver is our trademark whose name was inspired in the at sign, the most familiar contemporary use in e-mail addresses. Arroba (@) in Spanish stands for the at sign.

People have passion. It runs through all we do –who we love, what we do for a living, how we worship, what we believe in, what our likings are, and how we spend our free time. Therefore, our mission is to design jewelry that reflects and celebrates the very passions of our lives through E-commerce. Our customers describe their passion and we shape it into pieces of fine jewelry.



  • To rank as the leading E-business company in jewelry silver.

  • To establish the brand arrobasilver® as the customers’ first preference to reflect their passions in articles of fine jewelry.

  • To continue being a growing company that gives our employees a sense of achievement and fulfillment by developing our workers` spirit and creativity and by rewarding their productivity.


  • We feel passion in everything we do.

  • We have a positive attitude and believe in happiness.

  • We are always committed to doing our best.

  • We are innovative, creative and there is a team spirit.

  • We love achievement.

  • We base our relationship on trust, the good faith, professionalism and honesty of the people because we behave accordingly.

  • We value and prefer people and enterprises like us.

  • We develop projects and profitable products.

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